Look Up!

Ps. 3:3 But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. Did you ever have a parent or teacher say to you, "Shame on you?" Did you know shame is a tool of the enemy to keep you from fulfilling the plan God has for your life? Shame defined is - painful feeling of guilt for improper behavior, dishonor or disgrace, something regrettable. So many people walk around feeling "shamed" because of poor choices, wrong actions and failures they've experienced. The devil is constantly reminding them of their past mistakes. Often you can recognize a person who feels shamed because they have a hard time looking you in the eye. Their whole demeanor is downcast. They carry themselves in a way that gives off the vibe of despair. Until this person comes to know who they are in Christ Jesus it will be difficult for them to make lasting change. A person who is broken and beat down finds it hard to believe in their value and worth. Consequently, any words of encouragement and affirmation leak out of them because they are wounded deep within their soul. God sent Jesus to heal the broken hearted. He took our shame and replaced it with His glory. It's time to stop looking down! He is the glory and the lifter of our heads.