Anaphylactic Shock

Is. 54:17 - No weapon formed against you shall prosper...Anaphylactic shock is a severe, rapid and many times fatal allergic reaction to some sort of substance. It might be a type of food, drug, or even a venomous bug bite, such as a bee sting. You may have heard of an individual going into anaphylactic shock after eating some food item that had peanuts or shellfish hidden within it. The devil is always trying to sneak up on us as believers. He wants to, hide deadly things within relationships, habits, entertainment and things we feed on in the arena of our flesh and soul. We have to be aware that these are dangerous weapons that are meant to destroy our lives. Medically, to counter act this allergic reaction a person needs to receive a shot of epinephrine. Spiritually, a person needs to apply the Precious Blood of Jesus on a daily basis. No hidden weapon of the enemy will prosper against the believer who will live under the power of the Blood.