You've Been Called To Active Duty

2 Tim. 2:3 Overcome every form of evil as a victorious soldier of Jesus The Anointed One. - If you haven't noticed, you and I are in a constant battle. Either with our circumstances, our flesh, our health, our finances, the cares of this life, relationships, the list goes on and on. Our military men and women are constantly being trained in the skills of battle. They receive intense training that prepares them for every scenario of combat. They endure harsh, unbearable conditions, mock battles, hand to hand combat, deprivation of sleep, food and comfort. Why? To harden and prepare them for difficult and extreme situations. Just as our natural soldiers embrace hard training, you and I must face our challenges head on. In Christ, you and I have been given the strength, weaponry, power, stamina and overcoming victory to face any foe, any attack, any hidden trap of the enemy.