Squeaky Clean

Heb. 3:12 So search your hearts every day, my brothers and sisters, and make sure that none of you has evil or unbelief hiding within you. For it will lead you astray. - In our daily routines, (hopefully) we take the time to brush our teeth, clean our body, comb our hair and put on clean cloths. We expend time, energy and finances to keep our outer man looking and smelling good. How much more should we take the time to, daily, clean and clear our hearts. If we are not cautious, little offenses, hurts, compromises, disobedience's, judgements of other, gossip, doubt and unbelief will creep in. Often times we will even justify these things and fail to see just how deadly they are to our walk of faith. This scripture declares that it will lead us astray. It only takes a moment to clear out the junk so you are squeaky clean inside and out!