Doubt's A Thief

Mark 6:5,6 He (Jesus) was unable to do any great miracle in Nazareth, except to heal a few sick people by laying His hands upon them. He was amazed at the depth of their unbelief. Jesus' own hometown of Nazareth is the only place recorded in the Gospels that He was unable to do any miracles. Yes, He touched a few folks with minor ailments, but because of their unbelief He could do no notable miracles. Doubt is a thief and it will rob us of God's highest and best for our lives. Jn. 10:10 describes what a thief does, he steals, kills and destroys. Satan is a thief and he will attack every area of our lives including our health, finances, relationships, our minds, in order to get us to doubt God's Word and His will for us. The cure for doubt is to feed upon the promises of God, believe and then receive them as His perfect will. Run doubt out with the truth of God's Word!