Pass The Test Get God's Best

Jm. 1:3 Be assured that the testing of your faith, through experience, produces endurance leading to spiritual maturity, and inner peace. The mere mention of the word "test" brings back memories of years of schooling. Were you the person who studied and prepared, or were you the one who waited until the night before? Perhaps, you were the one who just simply retained the information and didn't really have to study. Whichever type you were, the test was the same for each of you. The test was meant to see what you had learned, which in turn was a reflection of your growth and understanding. Tests of life come our way every day. How we handle them is a reflection of our growth, our maturity and our understanding of who and Who's we are. How we handle these tests will determine whether we go "through the storm" quickly, or stay in the raging waters a little longer then we'd like. It's all about choices. We choose to put our trust in God, remain at peace, speak His life-giving, storm calming Word and endure, come what may. Or, we cave under the pressures that push us sometimes to our limit. On the other side of the test is promotion into God's highest and best.