You've Been Acquitted!

Rm. 5:1 AMP Therefore, since we have been justified (that is, acquitted of sin, declared blameless before God) by faith, (let us grasp the fact that) we have peace with God (and the joy of reconciliation with Him) through our Lord Jesus Christ. You and I have been declared "Not Guilty." We are told to grasp this fact. Many Christians live their lives with the guilt and condemnation of their sin hanging around their necks. They are beat down by the weight of their failures. They do not realize that God says that they are justified, acquitted, declared blameless in His sight. It's only through a revelation of these truths are we able to walk in the freedom that already belongs to us. Jesus paid it ALL, all to Him I owe! Because of Him you are FREE from the penalty of sin. You've been acquitted!