One Word From God

Word from the Lord -"My people need to be fortified in their inner man by My Spirit. Strengthened and reinforced against the attacks of the enemy by praying in the Spirit. Spiritual warfare requires spiritual weapons. Too many are trying to fight spiritual battles with natural weapons. 2 Cor. 10:4  The weapons of your warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds. Strongholds are broken through spiritual courage, fortitude and persistence. Battles are won by keeping the pressure on. The pressure of My Word. The Word works when it is worked. Like a battering ram of old, with constant momentum and pressure, the Word becomes a mighty weapon of force directed at the obstacle that stands in the way. Directed by My Spirit, one word will change the course of things. That word spoken from the lips of a believing one, will explode with dynamic power, demolishing that thing that stands against you. That word is obtained in the realm of My Spirit. Supernaturally transmitted to your spirit. The application of that word cannot be stopped when released in faith. Like an arrow shot from a bow, it will find its mark."