Just Be Honest

Prov. 24:26 MSB An honest answer is like a warm hug. Honesty is becoming a lost art in the world we live in. Lying, slander and using dishonest words to destroy someones life has become the norm. If you tell a lie long enough people will believe it to be true. The Bible tells us that Satan is the fathers of lies, so should we be surprised. This is why you and I have to speak the truth always. Speaking truth may not always be easy but it is imperative for us as Believers. There is a way to be honest and not defame, destroy or tear down another. You do it in love. Our words, seasoned with the love of God, can actually bring freedom to someone. Honesty is refreshing and it causes people to believe in you and your word. I would rather have someone just tell me the truth, no matter how uncomfortable, than have them lie to me. Be a person of truth, but always do it in love.