No Stumbling Here

Ps. 119:165 Those who love Your law have great peace; Nothing makes them stumble. Have you ever been walking along and out of no where tripped and stumbled over nothing? You didn't see that coming, you didn't expect it and it totally took you off guard. You looked around to see if anyone saw you. This is the way our spiritual walk can be at times. We're going along minding our own business and all of the sudden something trips us up. Perhaps someone says something critical, unkind and offensive, boom, we stumble. Our love walk gets rocked. We didn't see that coming. So what do we do? We look to God's Word, get back in love and forgive. This is how we maintain our peace no matter what comes to trip us up. Responding from a heart full of God's Word will keep you from stumbling. If you do have a misstep you will find that you get right back in step without missing a beat.