Don't Lose Heart

Gal. 6:9 I will not grow weary while doing good, for in due season I will reap if I will not lose heart. We all experience those times when we just want to crawl back in bed, pull the covers over our head and shut the world out. Sometimes it seems as if we are bombarded from every side. It makes it very tempting to quit and give up, but that's not who we are. We are son's and daughters of the Living God. The Great "I Am" has made His home in us. He Who is greater than anything and everything the enemy can throw at us, dwells BIG on the inside of us. While waiting for the time of "reaping in due season" it is so vital to our success that we do not allow any offense, negative talk or thoughts, worry, fear and doubt to work in us. Don't try to function without a daily dose of time spent in the Word, prayer and fellowship with God. He will encourage you, strengthen you, direct you and give you peace. Time with our Lord will drive out the weariness and enable us to go forward in confidence, knowing that everything will be alright.