Practice Generosity

Gal. 6:10 "Let us practice generosity to all, while the opportunity is ours; and above all, to those who are of one family with us in the faith." Being a generous person is something we need to practice as a lifestyle. There are many ways that we can be generous on a daily basis. Being generous with your words can be a huge blessing to someone in need of encouragement. Having been in the ministry now for over 24 years, I have literally seen where words have saved a persons life. The individual was contemplating taking their life and the words spoken to them changed their mind and gave them new hope. What if those words were never spoken? Being generous with our time is another way to bless others. Just a few moments of undivided attention can encourage someone that they are valuable. Or, giving your time to help others in their time of need. Financial generosity, is money well spent when sowing into the lives of others. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you ways to be generous today. Maybe you buy someone's lunch, cup of coffee, or offer to babysit someone's child.