Word from the Lord - My Word is hastening to It's fulfillment. There is an acceleration, and faith is the fuel that drives it. Faith is living. Faith is combustible. Faith can be seen and measured. I said in My Word that there were those with great faith and those with little faith. What was the difference? TRUST! Those who, against what they saw in the natural, trusted Me, believed in Me. This type of faith hastens My Word to come to pass. It is the catalyst needed to ignite the promise. When doubt enters in, it acts as a defusing agent. It smothers the spark, putting it out. Man says, "If you don't believe, then your wood is wet." This is a picture of what takes place in the spirit realm. Doubt will wet your wood - faith will ignite your wood. All's it takes is a spark to start a blaze. So, to hasten My Word to it's desired end, you must stay in faith - keep the faith.