Exercise The Dreaded Word

I Cor. 9:25 Like an athlete, I exercise self-control in all things. True, hardcore athletes have developed habits and disciplines that have propelled them to accomplish great things with their lives. The early hours, long days and choices they make to be the best. While friends are living the life, they are hard at work training, pushing, overcoming limitations and pain. What is it that makes them go the extra mile? Self-control and self-discipline. Notice the word "self." Somewhere in their lives they dug down deep and made the decision to go for their dreams. They decided that no one, or no thing was going to keep them from succeeding. Any obstacle that presented it self they went at it and conquered it. Any mental limitation they pushed past it. Any pain they endured it. As Christians, you and I have a force within us, that when we yield to IT, and press into IT, there is nothing we can't do or overcome. His name is Jesus! By the power of the precious Holy Spirit we can do anything we set our attention towards. If we develop the self-control and self-discipline to go after our God given dreams, we too can accomplish great things.