Just Do It

Jm. 1:22 NIV "Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourself. Do what it says." It's easy to think that because we go to church, read our Bible, and pray that we are "OK" in our Christian walk. Yes, these things are absolutely vital to our faith. But, just because you go to church, read your Bible and pray, doesn't mean that you are doing what is needed to live a victorious life. Being a doer of God's Word, even in the smallest things, keeps us from being self-deceived. What do I mean by that? A person can hear the same message, sit right by each other, and for whatever reason, the one receives the Word and applies it to their life and it brings them victory. The other person hears the same truth, yet does nothing with it. Their life continues to be marked by destruction, failure and despair. One, took what they heard as the answer to their problem, the other did not put value on what they heard and so continues to be self-deceived. The Bible is clear about the value you place on the Word of God, is the same value or measure it will come back to you.