What Are You Pursuing?

Prov. 21:21 "He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor." We are taught from a young age to get a good education, work hard and pursue our dreams. Statements like, "Be all you can be!" "Shoot for the stars!" are stated at graduating classes year after year. Some, take the charge and pursue their dreams. This is all well and good and right to do, but if all of our goals are only for the here and now, only for the self-satisfaction of our own accomplishments, we are missing the big picture. When our dreams, pursuits and goals have kingdom purposes in mind, God will take us further then we could ever imagine. He will not only cause us to excel in our dreams, but in pursuing righteousness, love and His plan, He will cause us to prosper spirit, soul and bod, as well as meet all of our needs. His Word says that He will honor us and bless us above and beyond what we could ever hope for.