What Do You Have Need Of?

Phil. 4:19 - "My God will liberally supply (fill to the full) cram, furnish, satisfy, finish and complete all of your needs, employment, requirements, lack and business, according to HIS RICHES, HIS MONEY AND HIS POSSESSIONS in glory in CHRIST JESUS." Seems like every time you turn around their is some kind of a need staring you in the face. Money for the dentist, new car, house payment or school tuition. Perhaps the need for greater income, a new job or just the simple basic needs of food and a place to live. The natural inclination is to look to others for help. What program is out there? What family member or friend can I ask to help? God wants you and I to go to Him with our needs and wants. He has ways of providing just what you need, without causing you to depend on others. Deut. 28:12 says, "The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure, the heaven... Don't go to God as a last resort, go to Him first and believe His Word, that He will supply all of your needs.