Selective Hearing

Jn. 2:5 Whatever He says to you, do it. Often times we are seeking to hear the voice of the Lord in an area. Looking for Him to confirm or give us wisdom and direction by that still small voice in our inner man. Sometimes, we struggle thinking that He is not listening. It is important for us to understand that God is always talking to us. Through His Word and by His Spirit, the problem may be in our ability to hear. If you and I only want to hear what we want to hear, or we already know in our heart that God has instructed us to do something and we haven't done it yet, it will hinder our ability to hear any other instructions. If we truly want to hear from God, we must not approach Him with "selective hearing." Only seeking Him about things we want or need. If we will get quiet before Him, with an open heart and mind, He will speak to us about many things. The key though, is when He does, we must quickly obey. This will keep our hearts sensitive to hear His still small voice.