New Things

Is. 43:19 Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth. Whenever you see the word behold it is important to note that the writer wants you to stop and look at what he/she is saying. God is saying to you and I, that He wants us to focus in on the fact that He desires to do a "new thing" in our life. He wants you to shake off the things of the past, the habits, the old relationships, the wrong thinking, so that you can receive the fresh and new that He has for you. It might be a new job, new ministry, new friendship, new home, new outlook on life, but you keep holding on to the old. Sometimes we endeavor to patch, fix, reuse the old until there is just no more use for it. It's time to put it on the junk pile! God has something new for you and you need to embrace it with excitement and gratefulness. He never asks us to give up something that He does not replace with something even better. So stop holding on and watch that new thing spring forth.