Identity Theft

Philemon 1:6 Amp. And I pray that the participation in and sharing of your faith may produce and promote full recognition and appreciation and understanding and precise knowledge of every good thing that is ours in our identification with Christ Jesus and unto His glory. You were created with a unique and specific identity. From your hair color, eye color, finger prints, down to your gender and DNA. God wanted you! You were not a mistake, even if that is what you were told. The enemy, Satan, is a liar and his desire is to steal your true identity -- the you God created you to be. He wants to get you to identify with the lies he whispers in your ear. "Psst, hey, you're a failure, look at your past, God could never use you!" "You're stupid, ugly, and you certainly aren't successful." "Hey, don't you know that you're different from everyone else?" These are just a few of the lies he feeds us in order to steal our true identity. If you are born of God, your identity is in Him. He is a Conquerer, Overcomer, Victorious One. He is Strength, Peace, Hope, Love, and anything else you need Him to be. Don't let the devil steal your true identity any longer by declaring who you really are in Christ Jesus!