Don't Stay In The Pit

Ps. 40:1,2 I waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up out of a horrible pit...and set my feet upon a rock. Webster's dictionary defines the word "pit" as a hole in the ground, the abyss and even hell itself. Many times in life we can feel as if we have fallen into a hole. It's dark, lonely and there seems to be no way out. Often in times like these we face great and overwhelming despair. This can lead to depths of depression that can debilitate our ability to function normally. King David experienced such times in his life, yet God said He was a man after His own heart. What set him apart? Knowing his story of adultery and murder, how did he ever come out of the dark pit of depression he found himself in? There are some keys to David's freedom from the guilt, shame and depression in these verses. 1. David waited one the Lord. He spent time expecting, and listening for God to speak to Him. 2. He cried out to God. I am sure he poured his heart out before Him, not hiding anything. I believe David had a repentant, sorrowful, teachable heart. As soon as he cried out, God drew him close, forgave him of his sin, and restored him to fellowship once again. God pulled him out of that dark pit and set his feet upon the solid rock. Don't stay in the pit any longer follow King David's example.