Into The Unknown

Joshua 3:4 ...for you have not passed this way before. There will be times in our lives that the Lord requires us to move on. It is not because He is being mean to us, but He knows that our surroundings, friends, habits, and even family can keep us from fulfilling all that He has put on the inside of us to do. The unknown can be intimidating, cause us to be afraid and overwhelmed. The thing that will bring great peace is to know that He has already been there. Where? In your future. He is in your future and when He is asking you to move out, and move on, there needs to be no fear. God will take you places you've never gone before and the comforting thing is, He will be right there with you every step of the way. He can be trusted with your future because as you take the first step forward His grace to go will kick in.