Small Things Turn Into Big Things

Zech. 4:10For who has despised the days of small things? Don't despise the season you are in right now. Embrace it, give yourself wholeheartedly to all that God is doing in your life right now. What is He wanting you to learn? What has He spoken to your heart to do? Allow the Holy Spirit to develop you in the small things so God can take you to the bigger things. Many people want to make it big, go to the top, be successful right away, without little, to no, effort on their part. That's not the way God operates. He knows that we must grow and develop in the little areas before we can handle the big areas. He knows that without developing character you will never be able to hold on to and maintain the good things He has for your life. So don't despise where you are, trust God to pour into you all the things you need to go to the next level. Make any needed adjustments in your attitude, character, and actions and pass the test so you can move on to bigger things.