Phil. 4:4 Amp. Rejoice in the Lord always, delight yourselves in Him; again I say rejoice. Many times after the holidays people experience bouts of depression. Perhaps from the fact that they were alone, without family and friends. Maybe the financial burden comes crashing in because of overspending. It is important to recognize that no matter what the natural reason, behind all depression is a work of the enemy and his demonic cohorts. He is endeavoring to steal our joy, our peace, our hope, and eventually our faith in God. Depression is just what the word indicates. It comes with a heaviness, that can grow so bad that one feels as if they cannot breath or function. As a believer, God has commanded us to rejoice in Him. You may have to start out with no feelings of joy but, as you continue to rejoice and praise Him for Who He is, it will act as a bearer between you and that demonic influencethat is trying to attack you. Recognize who your enemy is and begin to declare your victory through Christ Jesus! Rejoice in the Lord, keep at it, and that depression will lift.