The Power of Agreement

Amos 3:3 Can two walk together unless they are agreed? In this verse the word "together" means to walk as a unit, as one. Two people walk to the same destination at the same pace and with the same rhythm. They both must have agreed before-hand to take this walk of unity, in oneness. It is a meeting together for the same purpose. It is so sad to see the dis-unity and division in our great nation. The acts of hatred and violence, the outrage for having a different opinion and the vulgar and hateful words being spoken. If we are going to see things truly "change" then it starts with each one of us as individuals. We must determine to put the past behind us. Look for the good in each other, strive to find common ground in which we can agree, and move forward. Determined to walk together. Satan loves to see God's precious creation, man, bite and devour each other, especially, those who claim to be Christ-like-ones. It is a travesty to say we belong to God and then not walk with Him. There can be no true unity with others, until we first walk with Him.