Life's But A Vapor

James 4:14 ...For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. Even if you and I live to be 90 or 120 years old it is a short spans of time compared to eternity. So I ask you, "What is your life?" Do you live it in a manner that has purpose, is bettering yourself and those around you? Do you live each day with expectancy and hope? Are you living your life to please God in all you do? These are important questions to ponder. If our lives are just about us, what we can get for ourselves, not really considering the eternal destinies of those we come in contact with, then we need to re-evaluate our life. You and I need to live is such a manner that we are sold out to God and His purpose for our lives. Daily, seeking to please Him. Eternity is forever and this life is short, what are you doing with your life? All things will burn up in the end, but there are eternal rewards that await us when we are sold out to Him.