Daily Benefits

Is. 68:19,20 Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation! Our God is the God of salvation...As children of the Most High God, our salvation package came with benefits. A benefit is anything contributing toimprovement, or advantage. Salvation includes so much more than escape from hell and an eternal home in heaven. Jesus purchased our salvation so that we could enjoy the full benefits of - deliverance, preservation, material and temporal deliverance from danger, pardon, protection, liberty, health, restoration, soundness, wholeness with nothing lacking, nothing broken, and nothing missing. He wants to "daily load" us with these benefits so that we can live a life of freedom and overcoming power. Load means- a great amount or number, to supply in large quantities. What is it you need? Have you checked your benefits package? We can ignorantly, because of lack of knowledge of God's Word, go through life and live far below the life that Jesus died to give us. He is an abundantly above and beyond all that we need God and He wants to daily load you and I with all His benefits.