Unrelenting Faith

Heb. 11:2 "For by it (that is, by this tenacious, committed, unrelenting faith that knows what it wants and won't give up until it receives its answer) the elders obtained a good report." If you have been standing in faith for something and it seems to be taking a long time to manifest I just want to encourage you today, "Don't quit! Don't let go! Keep standing!" We must have "bulldog" faith. Faith that won't let go come hell or high water. You might say, "But I've been standing a long time" You and I do not serve a God Who lies. His promises are sure and can be depended upon. God sees the big picture and if we will be unrelenting in our faith it will come to pass. Keep the Word going in your eyes, in your ears, and stirred up in your heart. God's Word is the power source of everything you need and it's when we keep our focus and attention on the promises of God, not on what we see, hear, or feel, that we will obtain that which we are believing for.