Complete In Him

Good morning! Col. 2:10...and you are complete in Him..."You and I are complete in Him!" Complete-whole; entire; finished; thorough; absolute; to finish; to make whole or perfect. Nothing missing; nothing lacking; nothing broken; nothing out of place. Stop and think about where your life is right now. If you feel less than what I have just described to you, then it is time for you to rise up in the power and authority given to you by the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ. (Luke 10:19) It is time that you and I recognize that we do not have to be subject to the Devil and his demonic influences, which leave us feeling less than complete. We ARE, past, present, and future tense, complete in Him. Begin to declare over your life the truth about who you are. As you speak truth, it will begin to resinate on the inside of you. It will drive out that which is false and you will find yourself walking in "completeness" in every area of your life.