Watch Out For The Snare

Prov. 6:1, 2 "...Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth." In order to become a Christian, you and I have to confess something. We believe in our heart that Jesus Christ is Who He says He is. That He came into the world as a innocent baby, lived a sinless life, as a man. That He went about healing, delivering, restoring all those who came to Him, and that He died a horrific death on the cross. In so doing, He bore away our sin, sickness, pain, and the penalty for that sin, which brought us back into fellowship with our Heavenly Father. The Bible tells us when we believe this in our heart, then we are to confess this with our mouth. This is the "great confession" of our faith. Now you are born again, saved from eternal separation from God. You now have gone from spiritual death, to spiritual life. Sadly, many who claim to be born anew, speak words of defeat and death over their lives. They are snared with the words of their mouth. They speak words of defeat, which over time, hold them in bondage. Your words will either put you over in life, or they will defeat you. Watch what you say. If words can hold you in bondage, they can also set you free!