Eternal Treasures

Morning! Matt. 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. God has placed the knowledge of Him within fragile, earthen vessels. It is a treasure that resides on the inside of each and every individual who has received Him as Lord and Savior. This treasure is limitless and cannot be exhausted. It takes work on our part to discover and dig deep into this wonderful treasure. Sadly, many are seeking earthly treasure that will fade away. What we set our heart and affections on will pull and draw us in that direction. Things will occupy the place that eternal treasures should hold. I am not saying that having things is bad. God wants you and I to enjoy and be blessed while we live our life in the earth. What I am saying is, "Don't make the things that moth and rust will destroy your total focus. Instead, ask the Holy Spirit to unveil truths about God and Who He is. Press into His Word and discover who you are. Discover the imperishable treasures that are hidden in your heart and pursue them." When our heart and our treasure are in a linement with His heart, we will live life to its fullest.