Good morning! Is. 30:18 Therefore the Lord will wait that He may be gracious to you...The message of God's grace is a much talked about topic in the Christian community these days. Thank God for His grace! If you and I got what we rightfully deserved there would be no hope for any of us. Because of His grace we are forgiven, redeemed and restored to a right relationship with God. Grace, enables us, as imperfect vessels, to stand before a perfect God. Because of His grace, when we call upon His name we are saved. Yet, His grace does not give us the right to live anyway we want. It does not allow us to now do those very things that we were redeemed from. Grace doesn't mean that God overlooks deliberate sin. To those who truly are desirous to walk free in an area, grace makes a way. Our sin put Jesus on the cross so why would He now approve of it? It is important that we do not ever trodden under foot the precious blood of Jesus by making excuses for sin in any form.